About us

The WCP GT is now forever known as the Wet Coast GT! The first one ran back in 2002. This has been an annual event where players get together and throw dice and have a good time, usually over a beer.

We’re currently booked into the Grand Villa Casino Hotel¬†in Burnaby for the dates of July 8-9!

The WCP has long since abandoned the typical high-competitive environments deciding only to give trophies (and bragging rights of course!) to the winners and to take all other prizes and raffle them off amongst all the participants. ¬†Several years past, as part of the evolution of the event, A-Club partnered with WCP to host the 40K event, and since then we’ve added more game systems and gotten more players every year!

Since we’re in a rainforest down here in the BC Lower Mainland, the WET Coast GT seemed an appropriate name.