Warhammer 40k Update

May 18th

Update regarding edition in play for Wet Coast GT 2017

As previously posted we want to give players enough fair warning regarding the edition in play.

With all things pointing to a release of 8th edition by early June, we have chosen a “cut off” date of June 17th. That is to say, if the new edition is released by June 17th, then we will be playing that new edition.We feel three weeks is more than enough to transition to a new system, especially considering its similarities to Age of Sigmar as well as GW’s consistent preview teasers.

Here are the important things to consider if we are able to run 8th;

  • If ALL faction specific codexes are released prior to June 24th they will be allowed, otherwise only the base “generals handbook” will be in play.
  • Point level will remain at 1650
  • Armies must be battle forged.
  • Round time limit may be adjusted as the game is supposed to play substantially faster, however adequate time will be given to assure all games finish. If possible we will look to go to a 6 game event, adding a 4th round on Saturday so as not to mess with Sunday travel plans. As it is a new edition we want to make sure players are able to finish comfortably.
  • Matched, pointed, play will be in use.
  • Any officially published FAQs will be in play, up to and including the day of the event.
  • Further adjustments are possible, but will only be made to promote fairness and consistency through the edition change as more information becomes available. Watch this space!

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