Wet Coast 2017 Tickets on sale now!

Wet Coast 2017 is around the corner and tickets are now on sale!

The dates are July 8th and 9th at the Grand Villa Hotel & Casino in Burnaby. The Cost is $90.00 ($99 for 40k) (early bird price till June 1st) for the weekend. (Pricing will go up to $100 and $115 respectively June 1st onwards).

I know that may seem higher to those that have been to WetCoast in the past but there have been some changes this year over past years. Lunch will be catered both Saturday and Sunday and is included in the price. That makes it easier to schedule rounds as all attendees from all games sytsems will not be descending on the restaurant at the same time and causing delays starting after lunch rounds.

In Addition every player will receive a bunch of free stuff for the weekend. This free stuff varies from event to event, please check the www.wetcoastgt.com page for details for your event rules and for a run down on the free stuff. Pictures of each free package will be put up shortly.

Lets make our first tournament a Great Tournament a great turnout. Hotel Blocks are available for those who are coming in from out of town. I would love to see all of BC represented. Any person booked in the hotel block will be put in a raffle for a free Cruisehammer ticket per room night booked! More info on a free Cruisehammer ticket can be found here: http://cruisehammer.org/free-ticket-info/
More info on Cruisehammer in general can be found here:

Every event has limited spots, but spots can possibly be expanded for systems that sell out quickly!

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